Frequently Asked Questions

May I share my season passes with someone else?

Venture Rivers season passes include photos, sharing season passes is not possible. Season Pass holders may bring a friend, on Thursday and Sunday, to receive $3 off their General Admission or Under 54″ ticket.

What if I lose my season pass?

Season Passes can be reprinted for a $5 charge. Pass can be looked up at a Customer Service window.

Do I Have to Wear a Mask due to COVID-19?

Masks are to be used at guest discretion. Masks can not be worn in the water.

What forms of payment do you accept?
Venture River accepts Cash, MasterCard, Discover, and Visa. Please note some food vendors are Cash Only.
Can I bring food, a cooler or my grill to Venture River Water Park?

Water’s Edge picnic area is accessible from the parking lot and is available for guests wishing to bring picnic lunches and/or snacks. Grills are not provided nor may guests bring their own. The Water’s Edge picnic area is available on a first-come basis and may not be reserved.

Small quantity of factory sealed snack items, children’s drinks, sealed bottled water, and approved medical necessities will be allowed into the park following inspection. No glass containers. Small handheld coolers only – no larger than 18″x18″. Large coolers are not allowed in the park, unless guests have reserved a Retreat or a Shelter Area.

Absolutely no alcoholic beverages may be consumed or brought onto Venture River Property.

Can I bring my own inner tube?
Inner tubes are provided free of charge at Venture River.  We do not allow outside rafts or floats into Venture River.  The only exceptions are baby floats and water wings.
What swimming attire is acceptable?

Swimwear or shorts and shirts may be worn and must be modest in design and Family Friendly.  Guests wearing shorts with metal studs may not ride any slides.  No Speedo’s, “cheeky” or thong swimsuits allowed.  Clothing or with rude, vulgar, or inflammatory language or graphics is not permitted.  Swim shoes, sandals, and aqua socks are allowed (and encouraged) throughout the park except for the Amanzi Falls, TurBoa, and Triple Mania tower slides. Children in diapers must wear swim diapers.

Are there lockers available to rent?

Locker rental is available at Treasure Landing Gift Shop. A small locker rental is $7 plus tax (return the key same day for $1 return). A large locker rental is $12 plus tax (return the key same day for $2 return). Locker rental is good for all day. Season Pass holders can also purchase a locker for the full season- $40 for a small locker, and return the key on/ before our last day to receive $10 back.

Are Service Dogs allowed at the park? Where is the Service Dog relief area?

At Venture River, a service dog is defined as a dog trained to do work or perform tasks for, and to assist, an individual with a disability. Service dogs must be under control of the owner at all times and should remain on a leash or in a harness. Crew members are not responsible for service dogs and will not take control of service dogs. Service dogs are not allowed in the water- including water features and fountains- or closer than 4 feet to the water on wet decks. Venture River does ask that service dogs be clearly marked as a service dog. The service dog relief area is located at the front of the park adjacent to the Waloopas & First Aid- all solid waste must be picked up and disposed of. Under the ADA emotional support animals are not service animals. ESA are not allowed in the park.

How Deep is the Water?

Hurricane Bay Wave Pool- up to 7 ft when the waves are on and 4.5 ft with no waves.

Fumbi Splash Pool & Cyclone- 4 ft

Twin Twister Splash Pool & Lazy River- 3.5 ft

What Chemicals do you use for your pools?

Venture River uses Chlorine Tablets to keep our waters crystal clear. There are NO salt water pools in the park.

If I need to leave the park during the day can I come back in?

Venture River does allow same day re-admittance through the main entrance. Guests will need to get their hand stamped on their way out of the park if they wish to re-enter later the same day.

Can I smoke inside the park?

Venture River does not allow smoking, vaping/ juuling, e-cigarets, or tobacco products of any kind, throughout the park. The designated smoking area in the park is behind the Taco ‘Bout Nachos eatery.

Does my cabana rental come with tickets?

Tickets are required for admittance to the park. Cabana Rentals are an additional cost and do not include a ticket with the purchase.